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    About GuruSangeet

    The New Age

    The propensity to connect with the roots and learn Indian Classical Music is on an all-time-high. Time is now ripe for innovations capable of a cultural renaissance, at scale!

    The New Age Shishya

    The New Age learners are scientific tempered, gadget savvy and highly multitasking yet focused. They face some unique challenges in developing good musicianship.

    The New Age Guru

    The New Age Gurus have a penchant for teaching a large number of learners while being uncompromising on the quality of the learning outcome. And that's a huge challenge!

    The New Age Gurukul

    GuruSangeet equips the New Age Shishyas and Gurus with its New Age Gurukul, an advanced music-technology solution to successfully overcome their challenges.

    Challenges of a New Age Guru

    A large portion of the Gurus are Performing Artistes as well. This makes the the job of scaling their teaching  difficult. Time availability is limited and burning one's vocal cords needs to be avoided which leads to limiting the student intake. Additionally, with larger student pool, it becomes extremely difficult to ensure high standards of musical progress of the students. GuruSangeet squarely addresses the below key concerns of the New Age Gurus.

    Strain on Vocal Chords

    Is constant teaching/recording in different shrutis to different students is unduly straining your voice?

    Insufficient Student Practice

    Do you have difficulty in making students practice regularly at home? without consistent home practice, musical progress is hindered!

    Incorrect Student Practice

    Do you find your students practice incorrectly at home and the constant unlearning required is slowing down their learning progress?

    Strenuous Beginner Teaching

    Do you find repetitive teaching to beginner students (without an idea of shruthi/laya) taking a toll on your voice and time?

    Unauthorized Lesson Sharing

    Have you noticed that the lesson recordings that you have shared with the students getting shared with others too?

    Inaccurate Practice Logs

    Do you feel you do not have sufficient and accurate information about the quality and quantity of practice put by the student each week?

    Managing Parent Expectation

    Do you find managing expectations from parents difficult owing to their lack of music knowledge and  emotions attached to their kids?

    Administrative Overheads

    Do you feel tasks such as attendance, fee reminders, collections, receipts, make-up classes etc. take away a lot of your time from your teaching?

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